HR Consultancy

Johanna has over 14 years solid HR consultancy experience specialising in people development. With her objective view, versatility and commitment to deliver results, she has a positive impact in businesses of any size or sector. 

Her unique blend of commercial and HR experience enables her to intuitively arrive at a solid understanding of the goals and challenges of your business; with this insight she offers a range of credible, flexible and practical HR solutions.

Johanna is a resilient HR professional who is passionate about supporting organisations, teams and individuals to become the best, most productive and successful they can be. In other words, fit for the future.

Fit for the Future has a range of solutions and support to:

  • enrich your employee experience
  • create your people strategy
  • boost well-being
  • drive performance
  • develop talent
  • engage your teams
  • develop culture and behaviour
  • deliver people best practice

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