Workplace mediation is a quick way to resolve conflict efficiently. It can settle disputes and address issues such as bullying and harassment, communication problems, personality clashes and relationship breakdowns. It can help reduce stress and retain employees. Used quickly and effectively, companies can avoid more formal processes which are lengthy and costly.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) reported “Conflict costs UK businesses an estimated £33 million per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million days.”

Mediation is not judging who was right or wrong in the past; it is future focused and helps all parties to see things from different perspectives and agree on how best to work together moving forward. It is voluntary and confidential and reflects the conversations during the mediation process.

As a fully accredited mediator, Johanna’s role is impartial. She is there to facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution to the conflict, helping your employees and your business understand more and be fit for the future.

If your organisation is facing a workplace conflict and you think mediation might help resolve it, contact us to understand more.